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Art done by me. I love drawing and I am always trying to improve. I draw a variety of things so I wouldn't advise watching me for just one subject because I don't always draw the same thing and I can go pretty diverse. But yeah, I know my art isn't the best but I'm practicing and maybe one day, I'll reach a level to where I feel more confident with my art. :)

If you happen to like what you see and would like a drawing, I do have commissions and they are open. :) So if you're interested, feel free to send a note and we can work something out. :aww:

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deviation in storage by Cat-cly

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Hey there guys, I'm holding a special commisison sale for the whole month of December for Christmas! :) (Smile) My specials are...

Bullet; BlackFull Color Avatars ($5.00 USD)
Bullet; BlackFull Body Flats ~Also include optional highlighting ($10.00 USD)
Bullet; BlackFull Color Busts ($15.00 USD)
Bullet; BlackFull Body with highlighting + shading ($20.00 USD)

Star!I should be able to complete the commission in a span of 4-5 days!

I specifically do character designs so if you are wanting to have your character drawn or maybe you'd like some fan art of your favorite character, I may be able to be of assistance! My style is influenced by the likes of Disney (when they did 2D animation) and Western cartooning (Don Bluth, Bruce Timm, Steven E. Gordon, etc.) Now, I do realize that a big majority of my art is anthropomorphic type characters but I can also do humans as well. :) (Smile) I can also do pinups if you are looking for something more "sexy" lol. If you're interested in a commission, feel free to send me a note and we can work out the details. :D (Big Grin) I'll post some samples of my work down below. :) (Smile)

:star: Slots
:bulletblack: Open
:bulletblack: Open
:bulletblack: Open
:bulletblack: Open
:bulletblack: Open

Star! Examples

PinUp Girl 2 by RatchetJak PinUp Girl by RatchetJak Going for a run by RatchetJak Commission'14 + RosyBoy by RatchetJak The Contessa (Human) by RatchetJak The Contessa by RatchetJak Carmelita by RatchetJak Ed Edd n Eddy FC +Persona by RatchetJak Commission'14 + HedgeCatDragonix by RatchetJak Space Witch by RatchetJak Spring Avatar +2014 by RatchetJak Ready for Winter by RatchetJak   Commission'14 + Anika by RatchetJak Iron Artist 1 - Anubiis Werewolf by RatchetJak PKMN Trainer + Riolu by RatchetJak Commission'14 + Fargus by RatchetJak Commission'14 + NickytheLombax by RatchetJak That Purple Dragon by RatchetJak The Mighty team by RatchetJak  Ratchet ~Old Skool style by RatchetJak Kai Summer pose +2014 by RatchetJak Art Trade '14 - Bandit by RatchetJak Shuvo the Fongoid by RatchetJak  Prune 2.0 by RatchetJak Lady Cordelia by RatchetJak Poizon by RatchetJak Ace Hardlight +2014 by RatchetJak The Unlikely Couple by RatchetJak The Eviscerator by RatchetJak Backup Dancer by RatchetJak ::Orange Fuzzball:: by RatchetJak ::Hey Shug...:: by RatchetJak Oh shi.... by RatchetJak


Finally back in drawing mode
United States
 photo KaiPersonaDAIDDeviantArt.png


:bulletblack: Name: Paul (I prefer to go by my nickname Kai)
:bulletblack: Age: 22 (September 29, 1991)
:bulletblack: Orientation: Gay (Not bragging but just letting people know so they don't have to ask)
:bulletred: Likes
-Drawing & Art
-Video Games
-Making new friends
-Gothic & Occult things
-Corsets & Lace-up Boots (Combat Boots :heart: )
-Animals & Nature
-Cartoony Art Styles
-Burlesque Style
:bulletred: Dislikes
-Liars/Art thieves/Users
-Animal Cruelty
-Rap/Hip Hop music (Just not fond of it)
-Fur (Fur Coats, shoes, etc.)
:bulletpurple: Fav. Games: Ratchet & Clank series, Crash Bandicoot series, Spyro the Dragon series, Jak & Daxter series, Sly Cooper trilogy, Sonic the hedgehog series, Kingdom Hearts series, Super Mario series, Final Fantasy (VII/VIII/X/Tactics Advance), Star Fox, Pokemon, Tekken series, etc.
:bulletpurple: Fav. Bands: Garbage, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Elysian Fields, Queen Adreena (Daisy Chainsaw), Tool, Staind, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Scarling, Die So Fluid, Poe, Sonic Youth, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Emilie Autumn, Rasputina, Omnia, The Offspring, Blink-182, The Distillers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and many more.
:bulletpurple: Fav. Music Genres: Alternative Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock, Gothic Rock, Industrial/Darkwave, Dark Cabaret, Folk/Pagan Rock, Video Game, New Wave/80s, Celtic, Soundtrack, and Trance/Some Techno.
:bulletblue: What inspired me to draw: Disney, 90s to mid 2000s cartoons, video games and last but most definitely not least, artists (Especially here on DA.)

Art Trades: Only with close friends (closed)
Commissions: Coming soon
Requests: Never

Inspirational artists (Both style & creativity)
:iconaeolus06: :iconthe-ez: :iconoowhiplashoo: :icondavidkawena: :iconcooner: :iconziude: :iconzaush: :iconmutant-serp:

Just a little note
Don't bother watching me if you don't like my art. It's pointless, stupid, and a waste of both your time and my time. I'm not trying to be rude but I'm just being honest in light of all these random watches I seem to get. You should only watch people whose art YOU enjoy and it would make no sense at all to watch someone you don't have any interest in. If I do watch you, please don't feel obligated to watch back because it's not necessary. And one more thing to let you know, please don't ask me for requests because you will get a NO. I don't do them anymore. I hope you understand. With that said, that is pretty much it. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read and happy arting.

:heart: :dummy:Pokeball Avatar Free-to-use by MeoWmatsu-Dream Pokemon Teams-:Pokeball Avatar Free-to-use by MeoWmatsu:dummy: :heart:
Lucario Sprite by HotBlackAngel Arcanine Sprite by HotBlackAngel .: Blaziken :. by Nocturnally-Blessed Banette sprite by BAKALAVA Luxray Sprite by Beavercop Dragonite Sprite by HotBlackAngel
Lucario Sprite by HotBlackAngel Umbreon Sprite by HotBlackAngel Infernape Sprite by HotBlackAngel Gliscor BW sprite by Chilli-Peppahh Alakazam by Sageraziel Zoroark sprite GIF by InfernoNick

Ratchet and clank hug clank by LombaxGirl94 Crash Screen Saver by RaymanFrenzy
:heart: Stamp Goodness :dummy: :heart:
Ratchet and Clank Stamp by nakashimariku Another world saved... by LollipopHorizon Perhaps using your intelligence for Good by LollipopHorizon Alister Stamp by Wolfzen WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!? by LollipopHorizon Ratchet and Clank: Vendra Prog Stamp by NoctisWraithHeart Sly Cooper Stamp by MeckelFoxStudio Crash Bandicoot Stamp by xSweetSlayerx :thumb344351202: Coco Bandicoot Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Dr. Cortex Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Nina Cortex Stamp by Ashy666 :thumb260182259: Request - Spyro 1 Stamp by RadSpyro Classic Spyro Club Stamp by OldSpyroClub Cynder Fan STAMP by shadowhatesomochao Iggy stamp by Thornacious Volteer stamp by Zero-the-Dragoness : Daxter Fan stamp by DAXRULZ STAMP-Sonic 015 by NoNamepje Classic and Modern by Super-Hedgehog Sonic Rocks Out Stamp by Fuzon-SShadow the hedgehog Stamp by Kevfin Knux Fan Stamp by THODRAGONFIRE Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepje Super Mario stamp by angelasamshi Mario Fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry Bowser Stamp by TheBowserClub Waluigi by Level100JediGirl Princess Rosalina Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Koopa fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry Silly Yoshi Stamp by Latte3000 Triforce Stamp by silvvy tLoZ : Link Stamp by PhishRitzy Midna Stamp by foofoo Zelda Link Sheik Stamp by KenxKao Star Fox stamp by angelasamshi Fox stamp by AceLombardi Klonoa Stamp by Nyanamo Guntz Stamp by Sonic12309 :thumb92711593: Bass Stamp by DLN-00X Pac-Man World Stamp by Empovyle Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Pokeball Stamp by FireStump

Zack ACC Stamp by Cloudemyx Squall Stamp by AkuTenshi27 Sephiroth Fan stamp by DAXRULZ Cloud Strife Stamp by Fyi-Sus Sorceress Ultrimecia by Ellexon Edea by Ellexon Tifa-Stamp by Tifa22 FFX Kimahri Stamp by Seryia FFX Lulu Stamp by Seryia Tidus Stamp by Cloudemyx Lightning Stamp Revamp by lightpurge Snow Stamp by o0Hikari0o Fang Stamp by o0Hikari0o Zidane Stamp by MrsHighwind Black mage stamp by LadyBeelze Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku Kingdom Hearts II ending stamp by xselfdestructive Riku love. - Stamp by j00leh Stamp Aqua by youfie Terra stamp v.2 by Master-Aqua Axel Stamp by Master-Aqua Xehanort Fan Stamp by xochibi Birth By Sleep: Zack by Cloudemyx A l i c e by EtherealStardust Ellen Stamp by ArcticWolf035 Keats Stamp by ArcticWolf035 Stamp: Castlevania +Alucard II+ by AndreAla-Rae Stamp: Alucard by AndreAla-Rae Stamp: Simon by AndreAla-Rae Stamp: Shanoa by AndreAla-Rae dante fan stamp by soulshinigami Nero by blutastic

 photo 136393331217.gif

 photo tumblr_m0lh7kxoqk1rph9r4o1_400.gif

 photo tumblr_mgp17a5AAS1s0lc93o3_500.gif

 photo 5244c086472b1.gif

 photo tumblr_mk10a63lIO1rvyhnio1_500.gif

 photo tumblr_inline_mpopt0t8hs1qz4rgp.gif

 photo tumblr_mtusj0c20y1snhqsko1_400.gif

 photo tumblr_mjijygQRbh1qicfrdo1_500.gif

Do you think my art is too cute..? 

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13 deviants said Yes
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